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Cruise departs from 60-70 Seaworld Drive on Main Beach, Gold Coast

Welcome to the 2015 Whale Watching Season.
It’s going to be a whale of a season.

Be the first to join Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching for the journey of a lifetime!

Whale Watchers last year experienced a truly spectacular season with muggings, spy-hopping, numerous tail & chin slaps, and countless breaches!

Just magnificent! Just breathtaking!

Sometimes there are no words to describe the truly magnificent feeling of watching the majestic Humpback Whale in its natural environment – the moment that this beautiful creature breaks the surface, and that feeling deep inside leaves you in awe of all you’ve just witnessed. The showboating of the Humpback Whale is simply something that needs to be experienced and felt before you can fully appreciate one of the most beautiful things the natural world has to offer us.

Have you personally experienced the majestic creatures of the sea?

There are some rare sights that make you realize the beauty and scope of nature, and when you do, they remain with you for life.
Whale Watching is one of these – seeing such powerful, enormous creatures and the grace with which they move, leap and twist out of the water is a memorable experience – and one you should see at least once in your life!

Take to the seas and get up close and personal with these magnificent mammals, and maybe even their beautiful newborn calves.
And when you head back, you’ll be left with memories to last a lifetime!


This is your opportunity to marvel at the majestic Humpback Whales in their natural environment with the stunning Gold Coast skyline glistening in the background. Take home unique memories that only Mother Nature can provide. You’ll have a whale of a time as the crew demystifies mating and migration, baleen and blowholes, flukes and fins. Oh my, what mighty pectorals they have!

Spirit of Gold Coast is a family run company with a passion for Humpback Whales. We aim to make your whale watching cruise a truly memorable experience. As one of the pioneers of Whale Watching on the East Coast of Australia, our Gold Coast location allows Spirit of Gold Coast to enjoy the longest Whale Watching Season in Australia from June to early November each year.

Experience firsthand one of the world’s largest sea-based mammals, the Humpback Whales in their natural environment. Within minutes our vessel, Spirit of Gold Coast, will have you up close and personal with these majestic creatures as they perform some of the most amazing acrobatic displays that only Mother Nature can choreograph.

Come and see these remarkable mammals migrate north to warmer waters to give birth and/or mate, and return south with their newborn calves. This amazing journey is a truly captivating experience, as right before your very eyes these 40 ton Humpback Whales, breach, wave their pectoral fins and slap their tails.

Spirit of the Gold Coast’s main priority is not to operate just as a tourist attraction, but to educate their guests and raise awareness of these magnificent creatures. Spirit actively supports Gold Coast Tourism, IFAW, Southern Cross University, and Sea Shepherd; and is a Member of Eco Tourism Australia.

Scan the high seas for these gentle giants. You wouldn’t want to miss one pectoral fin, breach or tail slap as these mighty beasts lurch from the waves before your eyes. With a flash and a splash that massive mammal may be gone, but your eyes and camera have caught the truth – a 40-tonne migrating humpback whale just metres away from your catamaran. This awe-inspiring experience is yours.

Spirit of Gold Coast offers this jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring chance of a lifetime, so don’t hold your breath. Get your breath taken away when you see for yourself these magnificent creatures as they perform amazing acrobatic right in front of your eyes.

Watch these AMAZING VIDEOS to get a taste of what it will be like!

Our vessel, a 24 meter Power Catamaran has excellent 360 degree viewing from upper and lower decks and a fully licensed bar. This boat was designed for your comfort.

A detailed commentary is provided and the crew will be happy to enlighten you on these magnificent mammals and the environment they call home. Free tea, coffee and biscuits provided upon arrival.

Our Guarantee is that if Whales are not sighted on the day of the cruise we will provide vouchers for the passengers aboard to return free of charge on another day.*

There are moments in life that truly take your breath away, and Spirit believes spotting a 40 ton humpback whale in the wild is probably high up there on the list!

Your adventure begins today…. Experience the unforgettable grace of Humpback Whales with Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching!

Join Spirit for the journey of a lifetime during the 2015 Whale Watching Season!


  • Spectacular TWO and a HALF HOUR Whale Watching Cruise on Spirit of Gold Coast
  • Complimentary Morning Tea with tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival
  • Watch from a luxurious 24 meter power Catamaran purpose-built for whale watching, with ‘360 degree’ viewing and fully licensed bar
  • Travel with a professional crew who will provide information and detailed commentary
  • Enjoy the Whale Guarantee – If you don’t see any whales during your cruise, you will get a second cruise for free!
  • Spirit of Gold Coast is a family owned and operated business with Over 20 Years Whale Watching Experience – pioneers of Whale Watching on the Gold Coast
  • Spirit of Gold Coast are the only company to have sighted ‘Migaloo’ the majestic White Whale for 3 consecutive years
  • Cruise Departs once a day at 9.30am from 60-70 Seaworld Drive on Main Beach, Gold Coast
  • Great Gift Idea – buy multiple vouchers for friends and family for a great day out!
  • Hurry! Whale Watching season is about to start!

Latest news

Here are some important things to look for in a whale watching boat.

These questions are based on what we have been asked and feedback from our passengers.

Success and Experience – You want a boat that sees the whales. Do they offer a Guarantee? How long have they been whale watching?
Accessible viewing space and decks – You want a vessel you can see all around the boat and especially ahead of the boat.
Size – A large boat means less movement in the ocean, greater comfort and facilities on board.
Speed – You want to spend as much time as possible watching whales.
Protection – if there is any wind or rain, is there a area on the boat where you are covered and/or indoors from the weather.